I have been lucky to have visited over a quarter of all the countries in the world through my passion for travel photography. This map highlights them all in blue. And there are always plans in place to turn more of them blue.

Click on any of the countries to see a selection of travel photography taken there.

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Due to its closeness, Europe has been where travel has most often allowed me to indulge in photography.

That is now changing as I roam further and further away from home.

I love the great variety that it offers in such a condensed area. The fact that you can go from the Julian Alps in Slovenia to the Great Hungarian plain in such a short distance. That within little more than a two hour flight of my home I can be north of the Arctic Circle watching the northern lights. Or standing on the slopes of an active volcano in Italy.

There are the great classic destinations; ParisPrague and Barcelona. Cities that have attracted tourists for centuries.

But, even more attractive for me are the places that are off the beaten track. I once had a fabulous week over Easter in Sanok, Poland. Somewhere so far off the beaten track even Poles don’t understand why I’ve been.

The countries to the east that had been closed to me for the first two decades of my life are my favourite. South-east Europe in the autumn is simply amazing. The golds, browns, yellows and reds create a fabulous carpet over countryside that is still largely empty.

Rest of the World

I’ve been lucky enough to already visit all continents except Oceania and Antartica. But where Europe has been extensively explored by me, I’ve only really scratched the surface elsewhere.

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