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Ice Hockey

I’ve been the official photographer to the Bristol Pitbulls senior men’s team since the team started in 2009. The team play in Division 2 of the English Ice Hockey Association‘s National Ice Hockey League. Without a home rink since 2012, the team play their home games in Oxford Ice Rink.

I am also the photographer for the Swindon Topcats senior women’s team. I also cover the annual British Women’s Ice Hockey Friendship Tournament (BWIHFT). Topcats play in the Women’s National Ice Hockey Premier League. They also have a development team who play in Division 1.

There is always a selection of ice hockey photographs on my Facebook page.


When not in an ice rink, I’m looking for any excuse to travel around the world with my camera in hand.

I have travelled extensively around Europe. From the northern lights in Sweden to the Stromboli volcano in the Mediterranean. From the remoteness of the high mountains in Albania to the bustling cities of Paris, Barcelona and Moscow. I am now only a couple of countries away from having visited every country on the continent.

There are also photos from the Far East, including Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand. And a selection from such varying climates as the Sahara desert, the Galapagos Islands and Yosemite.

My style is to travel with only a very rough idea of what I’m going to see. This way, I hope to capture a more natural feeling for the places that I visit.

I’ve also started to develop a blog to describe my trips. Rather than be list of sights, they try to more focus on why I get so much enjoyment travelling. So they are more about the experiences. Particularly those experiences that are unplanned, uncomfortable or completely random.

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